Friday, September 30, 2011

Finished Projects

My little ironing board was a fun project to work on. I bought it from my favorite rug hooking shop, Searsport Rug Hooking. The ironing board came already made and accompanied by the floral design drawn on Primitive linen. I saw it in my mind's eye done in depression greens and pinks. But I couldn't find what I was looking for either in my stash or in the market place. And as I wasn't ready to experiment with dyeing my own colors as a first attempt so used what I had on hand starting with a bit of left over wool roving that had shades of pink, rose and some soft gold. From that I built on it with different greens and working toward darker wines. The background was a mix of oatmeal colored textures. The finished look turned out to be just what I wanted and liked even if the colors turned out to be different from what I thought I wanted. I then trimmed the canvas to an inch away from the outside hooked loops, turned it to the back side, used a thin line of hot glue and attached it to the top of the ironing board. I finished the edge with wine colored rayon upholstery cord. VOILA!
To finish the display, I received an antique iron for my birthday from my daughter. I'll set it up in the entryway near the front door.
My most recently finished project is the penny pillow made for a very good friend of mine. Again from my stash I pulled out wool that are the colors of Autumn. Using a soft gold embroidery thread, I used a button hole stitch to sew the pennies together and to attach to the background fabric that is a dark brown and cream mini check. I machine stitched the from and back pieces together leaving an opening for stuffing. Once turned right side out, I topstitched around the edge using a back stitch. It gave a bit of color to the outside edges. I stuffed it with wool snippets to give it a nice weight and included a bit of grated candle wax in a nice fall scent.
I like how this turned out and think I'll have to do something similar for myself.