Friday, August 27, 2010

Hot Off the Work Table!

I'm in the swing of crafting new things for the Halloween/Fall season. These are some of the items I just finished. They will be going to the shop. I'm hoping that they will find new homes. I don't usually make things for Halloween per se, mostly because I don't decorate for it. But I think it is becoming a very popular occasion for decorating so will give it a shot.
The witch's boots and the crow make do are from a pattern by Hazelruthe. The cat, pumpkin, and crone make dos are all in one pattern envelope by Blue Moon Beginnings. All items are stuffed and painted muslin with some hand stitching. Simple to make.
For friends from the P&R forum, thanks for viewing. Any comments are welcome!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Catching Up!

Has it really been that long since I last posted? Guess so! So let's see, what's been going on? Mostly the everyday stuff. It all takes time.
I had a large project going for my daughter, making 17 bears for some friends and family as a remembrance of her dad. That certainly make the grey cells work overtime. Each was different fabric, theme, color,etc. There was no time limit which was a good thing because some of these bears were puzzlers. They all had to be made from t-shirts sent to me. They had sport's logos on them such as racing, college teams, you get the picture. I can safely say though that they came out just fine without looking tacky. No small feat!
My garden has gone into overdrive producing grass and weeds. And the volunteer flowers are all over the place, namely places I don't want them. Needless to say, it's a constant battle to keep it looking nice. But right now I am not winning. But to be out in the garden is pure enjoyment.
I am working on a baby quilt, just got started actually. Had the plans for it in my head, drew it out on graph paper to make sure it would look as I wanted it to. Last week, went to the annual quilt show here and found exactly the fabrics i wanted. So not I have started the blocks and I think it will be a nice quilt.
I'm way behind in making items to go to the consignment shop so have projects completed and others in the works to take over in the next week or so.
Finally, I have been doing lots of reading. Have 72 read so far this year. Have caught up with some of my favorite authors and their book series. And at the same time, I have added new authors to my list on recommendation from one of my sisters. Visiting my local library is just about a weekly outing.
A couple of pictures of projects. The black scarf with beads was completed ages ago but have a better picture that should show more detail. And the other 3 are of the new quilt fabrics.
Till next time, later!